About Us

360° AV post-production  and digital distribution studio

We are a modern studio providing comprehensive high-quality post-production services for TV broadcasters, content owners and VOD operators.

We offer worldwide end-to-end solutions, from localization, through media processing and content licensing, to global delivery.

Studio Blu delivers localization services such as subtitling, closed-captioning, voice-over and audio description in multiple languages. Our media processing and post-production facilities located in Warsaw, Poland offer metadata processing, a full Quality Check of AV masters, editing, and transforming/transcoding content into any digital format, including 4K, UHD, HDR & IMF. Your content is always secured, in our library and on internet as well.

We prevent unauthorized third parties from uploading content from YouTube and we provide channel management help to build YouTube channels.

Are you looking for cost-efficiency and effective management of production and post-production processes? We can help you!

Many clients trusted us i.e.: Showmax, Ipla, CDA, Onet, GBBM Group LTD, WFDiF, FINA, National Institute of Cultural Heritage.


  • Digitalisation

  • Quality check

  • Media asset management (MAM)

  • Editing & damage raport

  • Dubbing

  • Subtitles

  • Voice-over

  • Audio description

  • Sign language

  • Transcoding & Video Mastering

  • Digital Content Delivery

  • Traffic Management

  • Deep Archive Services

  • Medium and Quick Archive Services

  • Full Online Acces

  • Quick Delivery

  • Outsource process along with your team

  • Outsource your process

  • Authoring

  • Graphic design

  • Replication and printing


Studio Blu Sp. z o.o.

Contact details:
ul. Żegańska 2a,
04-713 Warsaw
+48 500 205 699